Raiser's Edge 7

With solicit codes in the Raiser’s Edge, you can track which communications a constituent should receive. For example, if a constituent prefers no email, you can assign a solicit code of “Do not email” to make sure they are filtered from email lists. To build on solicit codes, consent records provide a historical record when a constituent chooses to opt in or opt out, or provides no response to a request for communication preferences — this helps to ensure the constituent is included or excluded from communication channels as specified.

To help automate this process, you can configure consent business rules to update solicit codes on constituent records when consent records are added. For example, you can configure the program so that if a constituent chooses to opt out of all emails, and a consent record is created to track their “opt-out” selection, the opt-out business rule will assign a “Do not email” solicit code to the constituent. This process also provides an audit trail to track details about when and how a consent response was received.